Pages Unfilled

Okay, so it didn’t work so well last year. Or for the first half of this year, but I used those for prep time and it was (mostly) intentional.

Last year was rough for me. I had serious personal, real-life problems ranging from friends to family issues to guys to losing the one job I’d really ever enjoyed (I’d worked at Borders, so I wasn’t fired or anything; they just went out of business). I’ve learned that I don’t deal with stress very well and it affects my writing in a very bad way: I just don’t write. It resulted in several abandoned stories, many crying sessions in the shower, and a difficult look in the mirror to see what I really wanted from life.

Unfortunately, I still don’t know that one, but I do know that I want to, I need to write. It doesn’t matter if I ever manage to get published; I will write and I will strive to be good at it. So, that leads to this revamping of my blogs. For once, I’ve planned things out. I have a month’s worth of posts ready to go and a plan for at least another month.

I don’t mean to whine to a bunch of strangers, but I wanted to update everyone as far as what’s a going on. Give me a few weeks and it should all be running relatively smoothly. We’ll see how it goes.


Help Me Fill the Pages

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