Noticing the Ideas

Hello everyone! Seems I’m actually going to post on time.

I figure since I’m writing a blog about writing, I should start at the beginning: ideas. Whenever anyone finds out I’m an aspiring writer, I get asked the same question without fail.

Where do I get my ideas?

As annoying as that question is, my answer is probably more annoying. I get them everywhere.  So do you. So does everyone.

Ideas are everywhere. You can get them when reading a book or watching a movie. You can get them when you overhear an argument or see the view (or lack thereof) from your bedroom. The difference between a normal person and a writer is that writers recognize that they’re getting ideas and they make something from it.

So, the problem with me isn’t I don’t get ideas, but trying to form the ideas into something usable or just writing in general. That’s the problem now, too. I have at least three ideas floating around in my head and I don’t know which to use. Maybe I’ll sketch out some ideas and see what you all think I should do. At the least, I’ll have more formed ideas for the story.

How about all of my readers (as few as you may be)? Do you have difficulty coming up with ideas or making them into something that’d work for a book/short story/poem? Are you like me and your ideas come from everything, everywhere, all the time or do you have to sit down and focus to form ideas, maybe even use prompts?

Status: Worldbuilding; Word Count: 0



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