The Pain of a Plan Forgotten

Well, I wasn’t that far off. This is the first time I haven’t completely abandoned my plan, but I have hope! Also, I have some progress on the job front, which usually means that I’ll have less time to write. For me, that means that it’s more likely that I’ll write on a regular and prolific basis.

We’ll go over it one section at a time, see how well I did this month and what I’ll do for June.

Short Stories

I still suck at writing short stories.

  • Total Wordcount Goal: 5750 words (250 words, 5 days a week)
  • Total Words Written: 0 words
  • Total Prompts This Month: 4 Prompts
  • Total Prompts Written: o Prompts
  • Total Hours Editing Goal: 2 Hours
  • Actual Total Hours Editing: 4 Hours

Obviously, I didn’t do that great with this. Since I didn’t write anything, it’s also obvious that I didn’t write using prompts. However, I did manage to edit a couple of stories that I’d already written. Next month I’ll have the same goals.



I made some good progress with my novel work, which I’m quite proud of. I haven’t made a dent in the book, but I have a good outline and I’m still working on my notes.

  • Total Wordcount Goal: 5750 words (250 words, 5 days a week)
  • Total Words Written: 6023 words
  • Outline Goals: 1 Completed Outline, 1 Outline Started
  • Actual Outlines Written: 1 Completed Outline, 1 Outline Started
  • Editing Hours Anticipated: None – No Completed Stories
  • Actual Editing Hours: None

Next month I’ll also add an hour a week for note-taking. Once a week I’d like to reorganize my plot binder, too. We’ll see how it goes.


  • Anticipated Blog Posts for This Blog: 5 Posts
  • Actual Blog Posts Written: 5 Posts
  • Anticipated Blog Posts for HP Blog: 14 Posts
  • Actual Blog Posts Written: 6 Posts

I’m still working on finalizing my plan for my Potter blog, which is why my posts for that blog have been off-schedule. I’m almost done with that, so next month should be all on-schedule. I’ll also be able to look at LBL and take stock next month.


  • Number of Books Read Goal: 4 Books
  • Number of Books Written: 4 Books
  • Reading Journal: Check
  • Book Reviews: None

I need to catch up with my book notes and my book reviews, but otherwise I did okay. I’ll keep the same goals for June.

Once again, I’ll see you all next month. Then we’ll take another look at the goals, take stock of what I did, reevaluate, and set new goals. If I can manage the 250 words a day, I’ll at least be upping my goals for novel-writing from 250 to 500 words a day.



4 comments on “The Pain of a Plan Forgotten

  1. Anonymous says:

    Setting goals is a great idea when it comes to anything, especially when you want to take things seriously. Just don’t beat yourself up if you don’t complete the goal on time.

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