An Update

Hello everyone,

First off, I’d like to thank everyone who’s found their way to my little writing blog and is following me.  I really appreciate that there’s anyone out there who wants to read what I have to say about writing. It’s a great morale booster.

That said, I think I”m going to pull back on the regularity of the posts. It will just be for the summer for now since I’m currently working on my Potter blog to start my re-reads on September 1st. Around September 7th I’ll reevaluate and let you all know where we’ll be going from there. If you have any interest in the Harry Potter book series, I’d love if you could stop by.

The Details: Instead of updating every week, I’ll only guarantee my update post and one other long-ish post. I may do some shorter, less formal posts as I feel like it, but I’ll probably be a little overwhelmed with planning out my schedule and doing the background work for the Potter blog.

Thanks for following and for reading my update post. You’ll still have two more posts this month on Thursdays, otherwise look for a post every other Thursday.

My Potter Blog


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