Writing Plan: The Unchecked List

This time I didn’t do very well checking off my list. It’s not a surprise, but I’m still disappointed in myself. I don’t know what I was doing this month, but it wasn’t writing. It’s amazing how badly I did this month.

…I should probably move on, shouldn’t I?

Once again we’ll go over the list, but this time I have a new challenge for July. I will be participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this month, so my regular goals have been thrown out the window in the hopes of meeting a 50,000 word goal for the month. I’ll start on the goals again in August.

Short Stories

I still suck at writing short stories. I got absolutely nothing done. Nothing. Just assume that I didn’t meet any of the goals I’m outlining below. I’ll have the same goals for the month of August.

  • Total Wordcount Goal: 5000 words (250 words, 5 days a week)
  • Total Prompts This Month: 4 Prompts
  • Editing Hours Anticipated: 2 Hours


I finished carding, outlining and world-building for the story I will write during Camp NaNo. Otherwise, I haven’t done anything else.  I don’t want to write it down, so assume that I met none of the goals below. I’ll be using the same goals in August.

  • Total Wordcount Goal: 5000 words (250 words, 5 days a week)
  • Outline Goals: 1 Finalized Outline, 1 Continued Outline
  • Editing Hours Anticipated: None — No Completed Stories
  • Anticipated Note-taking Hours: 4 Hours
  • Organized Plot Binder: Yes

Blog Posts

We’ve finally reached a set of goals I made progress with. I’m proud of how well I’ve done with this, actually. Let’s take a look. The goals will be different for August since I’m doing something special in July on my Potter blog.

  • Anticipated Blog Posts for this Blog: 4 Posts
  • Actual Blog Posts Written: 9 Posts
  • Blog Posts for July: 8 Posts
  • Anticipated Blog Posts for HP Blog: 12 Posts
  • Actual Blog Posts Written: 12 Posts
  • Blog Posts for July: 33 Posts
  • Anticipated Blog Posts for LBL: 0 Posts
  • Actual Blog Posts for LBL: 2 Posts
  • Blog Posts for July: 4 Posts


I’ve also done quite well reading this month. Next month I hope to be able to read just as much (or more), but NaNo and what will hopefully be a new job has me hesitating to set higher goals. I didn’t even get to do my reviews for the month.

  • Anticipated Books Read: 4 Books
  • Actual Books Read: 6 Books and Half of a 500-page Book
  • Reading Journal: Check
  • Book Reviews: None

Next month we’ll take another look at my plan and modify it again. We’ll also see if I managed to meet the goals for July: 50,000 NaNoWriMo novel, 8 blog posts for this blog, the 30 Day HP Challenge, 2 LBL Blog Posts, and 4 Books. It doesn’t seem that bad, does it? Well, maybe.

I told you mine, why don’t you tell me yours? What are your writing goals? How do you deal with not meeting them?


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