Camp NaNo ’13: Week 4

Yay! It’s three days until the end of Camp NaNo 2013. I hope you can forgive my pre-written post since it’s the home stretch. I have just under four days to finish however many words I have left until my goal (you can check my Twitter feed and my Camp NaNo profile page for that number if you’re interested).

If I’ve been on my game, this is the first pre-written post you’ve seen (I had one for each week if this is the first one you’ve seen). I hope I’ve said some interesting things about my Camp NaNo experiences. I haven’t done very well in the past when I’ve done the regular NaNoWriMo in November.

Wish me luck on my last four (ish) days of Camp NaNo. I hope to finish with a win on my first year.


Camp NaNo ’13: Week 3

Another week and here’s another post I’ve failed to write. Hopefully, this the first time you’re seeing my pre-written apology post, but my track record doesn’t project good things for me. In fact, this is probably the third apology post you’ve seen this month.

Perhaps I should actually apologize. I’m sorry.

It’s likely that you follow my blog (or have stumbled across it) to read about my writing and what I think about writing in general. Right now it’s not going very well. At least I assume it isn’t going very well since it’s still June when I’m writing the post.

If you’re following my Twitter account or watching my NaNo profile page (I don’t know why you would do that one) then you’re aware of my word count. Feel free to yell at me there or in a comment here to tell me that I should be keeping up with my blogging duties. I deserve the scoldings (unless I’m less than halfway done with my wordcount; then I’m probably stressed).

There’s just over a week until the end of Camp NaNo. Let’s see how I do.

Prejudice in Writing: Where I’m Coming From

Why is talking about prejudice important? Why do I think need to talk about prejudice? If you read my last post in this series (also known as my first post, which you can find here), you can see a few reasons why I think prejudice is something we need to talk about. Now I’ll talk briefly about why I think I should talk about it.

It’s easy: because I want to write. Because I do write.

This is a topic that is a part of my writing experience. Just because it’s a topic that may cause people to fling digital mud at me doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t talk about it. That is cowardly, and I try very hard not to be cowardly. Or I just have a big mouth. I’m never quite sure.

In my family we have arguments, a lot of them. At my (Catholic) school we were encouraged to discuss difficult topics: we talked about abortion, marriage, sex, drugs, alcohol, religion and everything else you could imagine (but wouldn’t think happened at a Catholic high school). My friends and I regularly call each other ridiculous during late-night “conversations.”

It helps me to be open-minded, which is a good quality in a creative person. I want to take everything in. I want more information. I want more points of view, more opinions. I think it makes me a better writer. I think it makes me a better person.

I won’t lie: this will be difficult and I may say some things that frustrate or upset you, but I’m willing to listen. This isn’t supposed to be me shouting into the abyss. If I wanted that, I’d keep a journal. So, let me know what you think.

Do you talk about difficult things with people you trust? How about online? Do you think prejudice (in writing and reading, specifically) is something we should talk about?


Camp NaNo ’13: Week 2

Yet another week has passed and… I haven’t updated this post.

I am really hoping that this is the first time that you’re seeing a pre-written apology post. It’s not as if I’m expecting to do a lot: just a few words about how hard NaNo is and why did I choose to do 50,000 words when I could have chosen to do… a hundred or whatever. (The answer is that I always seem to shoot too high and have to work twice as hard to meet goals). Instead, you get this.

My beloved and patient blog readers (and friends) get to read a post full of pointless drivel. I beseech you to scold me soundly, whether it be in the comments, on Twitter, in e-mail, on Skype, in text or in person (I don’t like phones; leave me be). I deserve it. But don’t complain if I start crying on you because I’ve only managed 500 words in two weeks. I do this all the time.

Next week I should have a proper update on my blog. In the meantime, enjoy my posts on prejudice in writing and let me know how disappointed you are in me as a blogger, a writer, and a human being.

Camp NaNo ’13: Week 1

So… a week has come and gone. Unfortunately, if you’re seeing this little post, I’m drowning in real life and NaNo, and haven’t bothered to update my first draft with what actually has happened. This doesn’t say much for my progress, and I beg of all of you to comment and scold me for not writing a halfway decent post (or any post).

If you are honestly interested in seeing what I do this month, you can watch my Twitter feed (there’s a button somewhere on my blog). I should be posting daily wordcounts. You can also check out my profile page on the Camp NaNo site, which I’ll link to as soon as I figure out how I should.

I’ll see you all next week.

(Does anyone else think this may not have been the best month to launch a probably-controversial series of blog posts?)


Prejudice in Writing: It’s Not Being PC

This is a subject that I’m always nervous to talk about, at least with people I don’t know very well (like nearly every person who’s reading my blog). It’s a subject that everyone has an opinion on with a lifetime of experiences to back up those opinions. It’s a subject that is…  volatile, to say the least.


Yes, I know: I’m opening myself up for a whole lot of internet-hurt (hate) here, but this is a vital topic. Just because it’s a difficult issue to bring up doesn’t make it any less important to discuss; in fact I would say that it’s more important to talk about difficult topics. They’re difficult for a reason.

So… let’s talk about it.

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Just a Side Note

Hello everyone.

I’m not sure how obvious it is (it’s only a few posts, after all), but I have a slightly adjusted posting schedule. For July and August, at least, I will be posting at least every Sunday and every other Thursday. In an attempt at something close to organization (and because writing about the writing process can get a little tedious) each day has its own series of posts planned.

  • Sundays: I’ll write about the writing process. This month I’ll have short posts about Camp NaNo; I expect it’ll have a lot of complaining. Next month I’m talking about my crazy and insane (yes, I just used two words that mean the same thing) pre-writing process, from my rough outline to the world-building binder I love so much. (Seriously, I love my binders. No, I don’t know what’s wrong with me.)
  • Thursdays: This series of posts will be about subjects important (or vaguely interesting) to writers. At the current moment, I’ve lost my mind and I’m writing about prejudice in writing (how very meta). It’s a difficult topic, but I’ve frankly grown tired of reading other points of view without saying anything. It’s starting to feel cowardly. If I ever need a response post after the prejudice post, it’ll be up the following Thursday.

I have some other ideas I can write about after those outlined above if this process goes well. We’ll see how insane I am at the end of August. Summer is a time for experimentation (I am still a student).

Maybe you’ll still stick around?