Just a Side Note

Hello everyone.

I’m not sure how obvious it is (it’s only a few posts, after all), but I have a slightly adjusted posting schedule. For July and August, at least, I will be posting at least every Sunday and every other Thursday. In an attempt at something close to organization (and because writing about the writing process can get a little tedious) each day has its own series of posts planned.

  • Sundays: I’ll write about the writing process. This month I’ll have short posts about Camp NaNo; I expect it’ll have a lot of complaining. Next month I’m talking about my crazy and insane (yes, I just used two words that mean the same thing) pre-writing process, from my rough outline to the world-building binder I love so much. (Seriously, I love my binders. No, I don’t know what’s wrong with me.)
  • Thursdays: This series of posts will be about subjects important (or vaguely interesting) to writers. At the current moment, I’ve lost my mind and I’m writing about prejudice in writing (how very meta). It’s a difficult topic, but I’ve frankly grown tired of reading other points of view without saying anything. It’s starting to feel cowardly. If I ever need a response post after the prejudice post, it’ll be up the following Thursday.

I have some other ideas I can write about after those outlined above if this process goes well. We’ll see how insane I am at the end of August. Summer is a time for experimentation (I am still a student).

Maybe you’ll still stick around?


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