The First Blank Page

Writing is hard.

I won’t lie; it comes as naturally to me as anything else I’ve done, but it’s really hard. Now I love words, I agonize over what’s the perfect word for a situation, and I love stories so much that I get distracted mid-sentence with ideas, but I have a small problem with writing them down. The only time I have ever been able to finish any story is when I’ve had a deadline and a grade to earn or if they’ve been short and come easily. Even my NaNoWriMo novels have started strong, only to descend into madness, chaos and–and double negatives (the word count, you know).

It’s horrible. Just horrible.

Right. So, that’s why I’m trying this. Not only am I going to chronicle my journey into the uncaring world of authorship, but I’m also going to post word counts and updates. Hopefully it’ll help.

The blog is updated at least every Thursday. I’m trying a new thing, so there will probably be an accountability post once a month, as well, probably on either the first Sunday of the month, or the last Sunday of the previous month.


– Brigid


Help Me Fill the Pages

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