A Quick Update

Hello everyone,

Thank you to all of you who have kept reading my dormant blog. I apologize for the lack of life in my updates, as well as my abandoned NaNo. Last month my grandmother passed away, surprising all of us. Although she’d been sick for quite some time, she was still lively and aware, and none of us expected the end to come so suddenly.

My grandmother was an important part of my life. Anyone who knows me will know that I have a difficult time writing when I’m very upset, and it takes a few days (weeks) to wake up again, and there was a  lot of planning to help with (and family visiting), hence the lack of updates. I will start posting again this week and reading all of the great comments and blog posts that I’ve missed.

I’ll see you all later.


Just a Side Note

Hello everyone.

I’m not sure how obvious it is (it’s only a few posts, after all), but I have a slightly adjusted posting schedule. For July and August, at least, I will be posting at least every Sunday and every other Thursday. In an attempt at something close to organization (and because writing about the writing process can get a little tedious) each day has its own series of posts planned.

  • Sundays: I’ll write about the writing process. This month I’ll have short posts about Camp NaNo; I expect it’ll have a lot of complaining. Next month I’m talking about my crazy and insane (yes, I just used two words that mean the same thing) pre-writing process, from my rough outline to the world-building binder I love so much. (Seriously, I love my binders. No, I don’t know what’s wrong with me.)
  • Thursdays: This series of posts will be about subjects important (or vaguely interesting) to writers. At the current moment, I’ve lost my mind and I’m writing about prejudice in writing (how very meta). It’s a difficult topic, but I’ve frankly grown tired of reading other points of view without saying anything. It’s starting to feel cowardly. If I ever need a response post after the prejudice post, it’ll be up the following Thursday.

I have some other ideas I can write about after those outlined above if this process goes well. We’ll see how insane I am at the end of August. Summer is a time for experimentation (I am still a student).

Maybe you’ll still stick around?

Seems I Lost My Voice

Sorry everyone. I didn’t check up on– well, you don’t really need to know exactly how bad I am at using my computer. It’s embarrassing for someone who is in her early-twenties. At any rate, I posted a blank post without meaning to and I am so very sorry. I’ll try not to let it happen again, but I doubt the truth of that statement.

If you’d like to actually read the post I wrote, you can click on the link here. It’s a nice little post about finding my voice and what I hope for those authors who are looking for their voices. Otherwise, I hope you stick around for my next post on Thursday. I promise it’s finished (I double-checked).

Thanks for your forgiveness and your… sticking-around-ness ahead of time. I’ll see you on Thursday.

An Update

Hello everyone,

First off, I’d like to thank everyone who’s found their way to my little writing blog and is following me.  I really appreciate that there’s anyone out there who wants to read what I have to say about writing. It’s a great morale booster.

That said, I think I”m going to pull back on the regularity of the posts. It will just be for the summer for now since I’m currently working on my Potter blog to start my re-reads on September 1st. Around September 7th I’ll reevaluate and let you all know where we’ll be going from there. If you have any interest in the Harry Potter book series, I’d love if you could stop by.

The Details: Instead of updating every week, I’ll only guarantee my update post and one other long-ish post. I may do some shorter, less formal posts as I feel like it, but I’ll probably be a little overwhelmed with planning out my schedule and doing the background work for the Potter blog.

Thanks for following and for reading my update post. You’ll still have two more posts this month on Thursdays, otherwise look for a post every other Thursday.

My Potter Blog

It’s Finally Here!

I’ve done it. My HP blog (On the Train to Hogwarts – check it out) has been set up, although I’m still trying to figure out aesthetics. Technology really isn’t my thing, so it’s taking me a while. I also have several posts ready to go and waiting in the queue. This is why I’ve decided to move on to my next phase… my writing blog.

There’s a lot of information out there for writers, both good and bad. I’m going to try to work through all the information I get as I finish the writing that I’ve started, and the writing that’s yet to be done. It is going to be difficult and tiring and I will get grumpy at times, but I think it’s worth it.

So… you can expect me to start posting here this Tuesday. Everything isn’t finalized for the set-up of the blog, but I think it will work for me for the time being. I’ll write about writing, about my process, and about all of the advice that we get online or in “real life.” I think it’ll be interesting, and I hope you give me a shot.

I’ll see everyone on Tuesday!

– Brigid


A Bit of a Wait

Hello everyone,

If you follow my Harry Potter blog, then you may have noticed that it’s been getting mostly regular updates and I still have several posts scheduled and ready to go. However, I was a bit overwhelmed with everything, so my other blogs are on hiatus until I have the time to work on them.

I’m relatively sure that this will be the first blog to come back online since I have a bunch of posts in mind, but we shall see. Currently, I’m in the process of planning out the remaining blogs, including their direction and prospective posts for a few months. Feel free to follow me on twitter or here for updates. You can also enjoy my HP blog in the meantime.

Hope to see you all soon,


Pages Unfilled

Okay, so it didn’t work so well last year. Or for the first half of this year, but I used those for prep time and it was (mostly) intentional.

Last year was rough for me. I had serious personal, real-life problems ranging from friends to family issues to guys to losing the one job I’d really ever enjoyed (I’d worked at Borders, so I wasn’t fired or anything; they just went out of business). I’ve learned that I don’t deal with stress very well and it affects my writing in a very bad way: I just don’t write. It resulted in several abandoned stories, many crying sessions in the shower, and a difficult look in the mirror to see what I really wanted from life.

Unfortunately, I still don’t know that one, but I do know that I want to, I need to write. It doesn’t matter if I ever manage to get published; I will write and I will strive to be good at it. So, that leads to this revamping of my blogs. For once, I’ve planned things out. I have a month’s worth of posts ready to go and a plan for at least another month.

I don’t mean to whine to a bunch of strangers, but I wanted to update everyone as far as what’s a going on. Give me a few weeks and it should all be running relatively smoothly. We’ll see how it goes.