She Who Holds the Pen

… and I don’t know what to write with it.

These things always feel awkward, so I’m going to take the easy way out and use bullet points.

  • My name is Brigid, but I sometimes sign what I write B.H. Quinn.
  • Modern fantasy with its nice blend of the fantastical and modern reality is my genre of choice, but I also write (sometimes) literature, horror, and just a bit of romance when I need to write something with a simple, straight-forward plot that challenges me in a completely different way from my often complicated fantasy plots.
  • I’m in my early twenties, so I’m young, but I hope that I’m not as naïve as I often feel.
  • I live for words, for stories, and for books.
  • Harry Potter is my biggest influence and JKR is who finally got it through my skull that writing is a career (I don’t know why it took so long).
  • My favorite author is easily Neil Gaiman and Good Omens is my favorite book, but I’ll read nearly anything that’s recommended or has a neat cover/summary.
  • I’ve found my words, now I just need to find the drive to finish something.

Feel free to ask me any questions.


2 comments on “She Who Holds the Pen

  1. You are not alone, Brigid. A lot of people have trouble finishing stories or novels. Sometimes it’s because you don’t know how to complete the ending and other times it’s the middle that gives you problems. There is also the likelihood of being afraid to finish. What do you do with it once it’s finished? Do you think you “have to” submit it to a publisher?

    Two young ladies about your age and I were just talking about this today during our writers’ group meeting. My advice is the same I gave them. Pick one thing and finish it. It doesn’t matter if it’s terrific or even good. Just connect the story from A to Z. Once it’s finished, you can stash it in a drawer or a box or whatever. But, you will be able to say, “I finished one!”

    • b.h.quinn says:

      That’s the plan! I have a daily goal for words and I’m going to keep working on the same thing instead of jumping from piece to piece. I get bored, which is my bigger problem. I’ve always done quite well when I had a deadline looming, and I’m pretty good at letting things go when I’m done.

      Thanks for the advice!

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