Camp NaNo ’13: Week 2

Yet another week has passed and… I haven’t updated this post.

I am really hoping that this is the first time that you’re seeing a pre-written apology post. It’s not as if I’m expecting to do a lot: just a few words about how hard NaNo is and why did I choose to do 50,000 words when I could have chosen to do… a hundred or whatever. (The answer is that I always seem to shoot too high and have to work twice as hard to meet goals). Instead, you get this.

My beloved and patient blog readers (and friends) get to read a post full of pointless drivel. I beseech you to scold me soundly, whether it be in the comments, on Twitter, in e-mail, on Skype, in text or in person (I don’t like phones; leave me be). I deserve it. But don’t complain if I start crying on you because I’ve only managed 500 words in two weeks. I do this all the time.

Next week I should have a proper update on my blog. In the meantime, enjoy my posts on prejudice in writing and let me know how disappointed you are in me as a blogger, a writer, and a human being.